House Keeping.  With the abundance of banking regulations out there, I thought to would be instructive for my audience to have a format for my blog post (which mirrors our similarly named Newsletter) so you know what to expect going forward.  Simply, it is:

  • Root (Issue): correctly spot the relevant issue(s)/gap(s).
  • Stomp (Rule/Reg.): Identify the applicable rule(s)/regulation(s).
  • Branches (Analysis): perform a thorough analysis of how a community bank’s situation gives rise to the issue(s) or gap(s) and determine the root cause.
  • Leafs (Conclusion): take a corrective course of action to remediate the issue(s) and resolve the root cause.

Future blog posts will focus primarily on the issues and rule/regulations (i.e., it will be shorter), while the Newsletter will provide a more in-depth and robust analysis and conclusion.  However, from time to time I will deviate from this format when discussing more fluid, worrisome, or wholesome topics affecting the community bank industry.